The Author Alchemist

Author and productivity coach KimBoo York talks about mindset, goals, inspiration, the most annoying part of being a writer: writing! After all, you can’t become a better writer if you aren’t actually writing anything! Topics include genre fiction, fanfiction, amwriting, marketing, subscriptions for authors, and her own personal journey through all of the above!

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Friday Mar 15, 2024

Join me for updates on my own serials, the 1 Million Words Club, and advice on how to transition your idea/outline for a book series into a long-running serial! 
Links:My websiteSerials beats spreadsheet1 Million Words Club informationSubscriptions for Authors fb group 

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

My book "By the Seat of Your Pants: Secrets of Discovery Writing" is out! I explain a bit of what it is about and why I wrote it, along with some updates of my fiction stories. 
For more about me and my work, visit my site hub,
By the Seat of Your Pants: Secrets of Discovery WritingMy new book all about discovery writing/pantsing!
"Writing for the Long Haul" at the ScriptoriumAn essay about the mindset of writing long-running stories.
1 Million Words ClubMembership community of writers supporting writers!
Survival Kit for Writers Who Don’t Write RightPatricia McLinn
The Pocket Guide to Pantsing [Full Audiobook]M.L. Ronn
Write Into the Dark: How to Write a Novel without an OutlineDean Wesley Smith

What I'm Up to! (Ep. 48)

Monday Feb 05, 2024

Monday Feb 05, 2024

A quick update on what I'm writing, what I'm working on, and what kind of money I am making. I talk about Kobo Plus, sales numbers, and the launch of Dragon's Grail on Ream!
For more about me and my work, visit my site hub,

Monday Jan 15, 2024

Here's my first podcast of 2024! I'm excited to announce the launch of the 1 Million Words Club, a community created by writers FOR writers to help us get the words out! It's focused on accountability and productivity as well as craft and mindset, and welcomes all writers of every genre, professional or amateur! 
I also update you on Dragon's Grail (it's been a hot minute!) and progress on my next craft book, By the Seat of Your Pants: Secrets of Discovery Writing which is coming soon!
-----------Links: 1 Million Words Club info pageMy Ream community

Monday Nov 13, 2023

Back from a lovely writer's retreat held on the Gulf Coast of Florida, I'm thinking a lot about "what makes a writer" and the importance of creativity in our lives. There are a lot of definitions of what makes a "real writer" and most of them are about gatekeeping, so instead I propose that a real writer is someone who invests time and energy into their practice.
For those who feel overwhelmed by it all, I offer this simple goal: 1 million words. Maybe you'll hit that goal, maybe you won't, but you'll learn important lessons along the way!
This episode was inspired by my colleague and friend, Matt Posner! He is both an author and a teacher who asked me to record an episode roughly on this topic. Hope it fits!
For more about me and my work, visit my site hub,

Thursday Nov 09, 2023

First off, apologies in advance for the tapping noise that occasionally shows up, I think it was my headphones' cord knocking against the desk. I'll be more careful in the future!
This is an update, overview, and discussion about all my current writing projects. I get sidelined talking about discovery writing, but then again, I'm writing a whole book on the topic so I'm just calling it "advanced marketing"! So there!!!!
I also introduce you to my newest project, and one that will likely be ongoing for a while, the grief memoir The Empty Bowl. I don't have a completion date set for it, either. (Just a heads up, this topic about grief, mourning, and my parents' mental illnesses, so it's pretty heavy.)
Thanks as always for listening in! 

Thursday Oct 19, 2023

A short episode about a question I was asked last week, and how answering it has changed the course of my writing career. 
Check out ALL THE THINGS! It's all at House of York!

Sunday Oct 08, 2023

She's BAAAACK! After a full year of letting this podcast languish, I decided I needed to jump back into the saddle. I have a lot going on, including new author platforms and new stories and new goals.
If you've wondered where I went and what I'm up to, this is the episode for you!

Friday Sep 29, 2023

Better late than never! I'm back with an episode I recorded last year, and is the final episode in my mini-series about our deepest fears. Stay tuned for my next episode, which will go over "What the heck has KimBoo been doing since 2022????"
But for now, in THIS episode, I talk about why it is so important to love your characters deeply and passionately. Yes, even the characters who are unlikeable or problematic! You need to hold emotional space for them so that you can write them compellingly and avoid flat characterizations. Save the objectivity for the editing stage!

Friday Jul 22, 2022

The third installment of my Deepest Fears series focuses on "writer's guilt" and, in a round'about way, our fear of guilt. Oftentimes we slap a label on what is holding us back from writing, calling it perfectionism or guilt, when it is in fact a deep-seated fear of those very emotions. It sets up a dangerous feedback loop of negative emotions that can be hard to break! Hopefully this episode will help you identify what your real stumbling block is and provide you with ways to deal with it!
Links referenced:
A very very old blog from 2012 on Writer's Guilt
Building your support network (Ep 007): An early Author Alchemist Podcast discussing the positive and sometimes negative aspects of your support network


KimBoo is your Authorial Alchemist!

Writing is magic but that doesn't mean it is easy! In this podcast, KimBoo York aka The Author Alchemist focuses on the most annoying part of being a writer: writing! After all, you can't become a better writer if you aren't actually writing anything, amirite???!? With a focus on motivation, inspiration, hard work, and fanfiction, this podcast is for writers who are determined to Get Their Words Out.

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